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Roberto de Mitri, Italy



OOze Allianceメンバー

私はモノクロ写真が大好きです。 最もエレガントで、最も深く、最も表現力豊かで感情的だからです。美しさと柔らかい色合いの優雅さ、または影の深みと充実感に魅了されます。写真は、審美的価値の観点からだけでなく、特に感情的な深さのためにも重要です。感覚的で合理的な経験ではなく、提案の経験に属する非合理的で非現実的な次元を探求することが可能です。それはもはや単なる記述的ではなく、象徴的な表現と感情の表現となるイメージの表現を可能にします。生活の内在性と不変性の不安定さの時の寓話的描写です。このようにして、実際の物理的要因と感覚の確実性は消え、すべてが親密で深い魂の認識になります。




OOze Alliance Member since 2017


I love photography in black and white. The most elegant, the most profound, the most expressive and emotional. Enchanted by the aesthetics and the elegance of soft shades or the depth and fullness of the shadows. LE photography is important not only from the point of view of the aesthetic value, but also and especially for the emotional depth that it allows to reach. Through it is possible to explore a dimension that belongs not to the sensorial and rational experience, but to the experience of suggestion, of irrational and of the unreal. It allows a representation of the image which is no longer merely descriptive, but becomes symbolic expression and manifestation of a feeling. Allegorical illustration of the passing of time, of the precariousness of the immanence and impermanence of life. In this way, the real physical factor and sense certainty disappear and everything becomes intimate and profound soul perception.

Una pietra di luce stac
De lullaby
All but death, can be a
I must go in, the fog i
Metamorph and impermane
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