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Oleg Ferstein, Netherlands

Film maker , Theatre director, Photographer, Lecturer.

OOze Alliance Founding Partner

He is a professional director, performer, and lecturer. 30 years working on different theater stages around Europe, starting in Moscow, then Geneva, London, Barcelona, and Amsterdam. Photography became his second occupation. He is mostly known under his artistic nickname Formofadrop. This is the title of his theoretical research and  book. "Formofadrop" examines the realization or implementation of an enclosed space of a performance in it's any possible formation. That’s why the main focus in all his creative activities, whether photography, stage or screen is a performer.

Performer! Whether it's a person, object, light or even the entire Topos / Arena. His fine art photography prints are held in privately owned collections and Art galleries.


Any creative process has a similar origin.

I consider our preoccupation with an alleged dis-balance of our surrounding as the very source of any form of creativity. We are trying to create another reality, because we are obviously unsatisfied with the perceived one.

That way, we are forced to build an enclosed space for our escapades – a stage, a canvas, a sheet for notes or a viewfinder and the very shot. There we can do whatever we want to. Naively assuming that we are becoming the authors of something unique and valuable. We don't want to accept the fact that from the moment, that our work is released, it doesn't belong to us anymore.

Everyone who is willing and able to perceive a performance, a drawing, a piece of music or a photographic image, with no fail, become an author.

What is left for us is to blush aside from joyful pleasure or a shame.


Acceding To Supper (Self) /  © Oleg Ferstein 2017

Pasted Graphic 1.png
Pasted Graphic 2.png

Introspection II / © Oleg Ferstein 2018

Flox Or Liquid Oxygen
Cluck cluck
Faith and the bead
A fool and a brother 2
The future is near
Red dot 1
Red dot 2
Red dot 3
Bog 1
An entrance to void
An entrance to void 2
A drifting temple
If the angel could fly 2
Falling stars are turning to ash
Nauseatingly flirting art nouveau
Walls of Deals 2
Walls of Deals 1
We will be gone forever
A turn
Sweet Pagandom
Wayside story 1
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