Maria Frodl, Austria



OOze Allianceメンバー

彼女はグラーツで生まれ、1986年以来ウィーンで暮らしている。 ウィーンで学び、グラーツ美術学校(KunstuniversitätGraz)の栄誉を得て卒業。



プロの音楽家でもあり、現代音楽の演奏家としてだけではなく、Vereinigte Bühnen Wienのソロチェリストとしても活動している。



Musician (cellist), Photographer

OOze Alliance Member since 2017


She is born in Graz and lives since 1986 in Vienna. Studied in Vienna and graduated with honors from the Kunstuniversität Graz (Mag. art).

She walks the world with open, amazed eyes since she could remember. Photographed since 1978. Develops black and white images since 1997. Is digitally photographing including post-processing since 2005.

Prefers natural light, lively, unconventional portraits, sensual textures, and exciting locations.

Is a professional musician and works as a solo cellist with the Vereinigte Bühnen Wien as well as a performer of contemporary music.

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