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Manlio De Pasquale, Italy



「私はイタリア出身で、Cosimo De Pasqualeコーズィモ・デ・パスクゥアーレ(私は2番目の名前、Manlioマンイオと呼ばれる方が好きですが)と言います。1977年10月27日にナポリ市で生まれました。自分のことは、情熱的なフォトグラファー兼トラベラーと呼んでいます。

















"My name is Cosimo De Pasquale (I prefer to be called with the second one, Manlio) from Italy, I was born on 27 October in 1977 in the city of Naples. I use to say about me that I am a self made passionate Photographer and Traveller.


My first approaches with photography took place during adolescence, with an old film Kodak, I started to take pictures of everything: objects, friends, classmates, many concerts (being a great fan of hard rock and heavy metal), very soon me and the camera became inseparable friends, after this first phase there was the transition to digital.


Over the time the passion for photography has matured by traveling, for the need to freeze an emotion, to fix it forever and to have the chance to revive it, then matured also in an emotional quest for the daily life, but the journey gives me the opportunity to tell and remember the places through always unknown emotions, because I never know what to expect from a new place, and often some emotions remain connected elsewhere, photography is a way to keep in touch.


I try to give life to all my emotions by telling a place in all his aspects, more than a “documentarist reportage” I use to approach to my shots as an “inner journey” through which you can see a place by my soul more than my eyes.


Shooting is a meeting with himself, and this is the way I live my photographic experience, the shooting is an emotive meeting with myself.”

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