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Hadi Malijani, Iran




Born in 1989, Shiraz, an ancient capital of Iran

He began retouching photographs on his own, and starting his activities as a professional artist in 2006.

During the next two years, it will be attracting attention by posting works on various specialized websites in the photography field that draw attention widely from photographers all over the world. We will deepen ourselves as an artist and further concentrate on creative activities through experience that her work is appreciated by many people with various cultural backgrounds.

In order to know more professional evaluation, participants will also participate in contests of various photographs being held in various countries, one of which is "35 AWARDS" of Russia which started recently in recent years. More than 100,000 photographers from 135 countries worldwide have been applied to 35 AWARDS 2017, but Hady is awarded the award as a "second-best photographer" in the conceptual photo division.

Besides this, only limited photographers are featured from the famous gallery as a famous photo journal and curation site that can be honored.

  • (Curation & Online Gallery), USA

  • 35 AWARDS (Photo Award Web), Russia

- 35 AWARDS 2017 Awards

  • Kulturologia (online art magazine), Russia

  • ARTKY 6 (online art magazine), Russia

  • Cross Connect Magazine (Online Artist and Curator Magazine)

  • JuicyWorld (Online Art Magazine) Russia

  • Above Art (Online Art Magazine), Russia



Hadi Malijani, a conceptual photo artist who reflects the inside of himself in an expression style that can also be called photo-surrealism.


Born and raised in a traditional Persian carpet weaving fabric in Shiraz, the ancient capital of Iran, Hadi is an expression of photographs of the unique mental scenery produced by introverted temperament produced by the environment surrounded by traditional Muslim art It draws out by acquiring means, and it blooms but its talent is blooming late.


However, when he gained a place of self-expression in the huge network called the Internet, he inevitably has to turn his eyes from traditional values ​​to a global world, and his work also depends on personal mental scenery, politics And the expressions of conflicts born between the mind seeking freedom of freedom of expression and expression of closed Muslims. Keep an eye on growth and change of this writer who has a different world view than Muslims who were born and raised in the West.


Q. Can you talk about the personal background that became the foundation of the artist?

In my parents 'house and grandmother' s house we've done Persian carpet weaving, but seeing it for a young age was a very interesting experience. Various motifs ranging from animals to geometric figures were seen on the surface of the Persian carpet that my grandparents had been producing for many hours a day, but it seems like I am aiming for art and design I think that it was the most influential one in my life. My father bought me a film camera for my child. It was surprisingly attractive and interesting for me who is brilliant. This charm still does not run out. I am also interested in reading the poems of Khayyam and Molana and I also like to read critiques on their work.

I often travel in nature and listen to the sounds of birds and winds, which is the greatest pleasure for me. I always practice for creation, but sometimes even when I am asleep I think about the idea of ​​the work.

My academic background was majoring in social science at university, not photography and art. It was very shy, so that my art work and interests are not known to people around me. However, I was strongly encouraged to share my work from one of my close friends who saw my work on the website of some photos. This event triggered full-scale activities as an artist.


Q. Where do you get your inspiration and creative ideas?

I do not have a special information source for ideas. I am getting it when I am in nature or listening to some music in silence. I seem to be looking at the world differently than ordinary people.

Q. Are you working on any other art besides photos?

In addition to photography and interior design, I sometimes make poetry.

Q. Have you had anything to trigger activities in full swing as an art photographer?

Originally, I expressed my own emotions through photographs and I was able to express the world I'm watching to others. In touching works of various professional photographers from various websites, I became able to find my own way and my work style and decided to start creative activities as a professional. I am constantly learning and trying to complete my technique.

Q. I have a base of creative activities in Iran's Shiraz which is also a born place ...

I feel that I have now entered an important phase of reviewing my own way. I truly want to improve photography techniques, but people in my country are faced with restrictions such as politics and the cultural poverty of people. This kind of thing brings a bad situation for artists like me to improve their careers. There is no doubt that it will negatively impact art on my future. So, I am planning to move to another country with an environment that improves my skills.

October 23, 2018, Interview by ILILIS

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