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Alessandro Rovelli, Italy



OOze Allianceメンバー


この冷酷な流れの中で、カメラ(素敵なおもちゃ) はしばしば私についてきて、時々私も彼らに従っていた。



最近、私は寒い場所での旅行写真を愛している。それは、白への強迫観念とその "撮影"は私に純粋な静けさの瞬間を与えてくれる。 これに加えて、私は状況の "レポーター"だと思っている。 乾杯!



OOze Alliance Member since 2017

 ... Once I was firefighter, now I'm retired and I have fun with photography and in the future, it maybe, I will die ... Throughout this inexorable flow of time the cameras (wonderful toys) have often followed me, sometimes I was following them. Crossing the world of photography I always felt like an amateur surfer drowned in new oceans, thrown into meta / pataphysical storms and often dazzled by shadows of indomitable light, alternating with periods of deep darkness ... In recent times I love travel photography in cold places: the obsession of white and its "capture" give me moments of pure serenity. In addition to this I like to believe that I am a situational "reporter". Cheers!

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