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Online contemporary visual arts gallery

ILILIS Gallery is an online art gallery introducing unique worldwide contemporary visual arts. The exhibits are centered on fine art photography, but arts other than photographs such as paints, illustrations, lithographs, prints and sculptures are also displayed as "photographs" digitally captured.


There are various genres such as documentary photos, advertisement photographs, family wedding photographs and the like even if they say photographs / photos. We are introducing only works created without regard to the existing framework of "photograph", regarded as one technical means of photography as art expression. 

Why not change office atmosphere with a wonderful art?

True arts have the power to change space. And, I think many people understand that.

We help clients to change their facility space atmosphere by proposing fine arts suitable for the customer's space out of excellent art works mainly of overseas artists found through curation activities at ILILIS Gallery.

However, while knowing the value and power of fine arts, middle management of Japanese business and institutions feel hurdles are very high to purchase original art works because of Japanese unique collective decision making system. As it is treated as "assets to be depreciated", it can be imagined that not only approval and settlement procedures within a corporation but even proposal of purchased works is difficult. In addition, accounting processing and the like might further depress motive of purchase.

So we will propose "reprint" of the original work, not purchase of "original art" highly. Reprint is the use of original image data from overseas photographers and artists, which means "copies" that have the same quality as original prints printed in Japan by high-performance printers every time you order them is. Frame the reprint and deliver it to the customer.

Handling of reprint in Japan is based on exclusive contract of copyright usage in Japan market agreed with our overseas photographers and artists. So, only we can produce and promote reprint works of contracted artist in Japan. Incidentally we deliver reprints in a format of framed artwork to our customers.

As well as reprints, we also deal original works, based on a contract with a photographer and an artist registered with ILILIS Gallery exclusively in Japan market. An original work means a work which an artist him or herself produces or supervises printing process of. It is signed in with an autograph and edited number by the artist, while attached with an authenticity certificate to be issued by the artist. Unlike reprints, the original is a real "asset" accompanied with given rarity of authenticity and limited production. Nothing could be replaced with joy of owning authentic art works.

We try to discover great talents and connect them to those who need it.

ILILIS will actively promote artists and their works mainly to institutions. ILILIS is not a shopping mall that only lends space for tenants, nor is it a mere distributor of art. Our mission is to find wonderful talent and connect them to people who need it.

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